How it all began...

I've been filling up my house with rocks for about as long as I can remember.  And before that, I filled up my parents house with rocks.  I suppose that it all started back in Montana when I was a kid... climbing the Rocky Mountain slopes with my dad and picking up fossils.

Over the years the hobby has ebbed and flowed for me.  But it really gained momentum after 1987, when I arrived back in my home Province of Nova Scotia and started picking up stones along the Bay of Fundy coast.

Bay of Fundy Coast, Nova Scotia

In the early days I mostly wandered around the beaches.  Then one year I ran into Robert Baird (of Rob's Rock Shop) while out walking the coast.  I had heard his name mentioned many times over the years.  We became fast friends and for many years he shared his wealth of rockhounding wisdom and experience with me.  From there I started Nova Scotia Agate.

What was once a rock collecting hobby has taken on a life of it's own.  Over the years I've picked up several pieces of lapidary equipment, which allow me to cut and polish the Bay of Fundy agate into beautiful show pieces, gemstones and jewelry.

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